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Stuff needed:
– Some gold, about 200g for making the teams.
– 2 Friends of which one doesn’t care anything about arena’s
– Some skills (not much required)
– Stable connection (VERY IMPORTANT, since if you lose matches against 900 hidden-rated teams you will lose 32 rating in your ‘good’ 2v2)

How it’s done
1. Make a 2v2 team with your partner
2. Play up till about 2050 rating (if you are interested in Flawless Victor, this should be doable at least) I will describe an easy way to achieve this a bit later.
3. Now make a 3v3 team with your partners, of which one doesn’t give a shit about arena’s (his ‘hidden arena rating’ will be nerfed this way).
4. Join matches and leave instantly in the 3v3 bracket untill you reach a rating of about 900 in the team.
5. Now start doing 2v2 again and win 10 easy matches (to people with a hidden rating of about 1000)
6. Flawless Victor!

The trick to get easy 2000+ rating in 2v2
1. Make a 2v2 team with your partner
2. Join matches till your 2v2 rating is about 900 or maybe even 800 (we did it to 900)
3. Farm your way up till 2k by winning 5 points each game, this number will grow even though you are still meeting easy setups.

This ‘exploit’ is based on the hidden rating system Blizzard implemented. It allows you to get a high rating in a team by just farming lowbie teams.
In theory if you keep your hidden rating low in 3v3 by losing games, you can farm your way up to 3000 rating this way in 2v2 since you can just keep winning 3 or 4 points every match.

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