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A far less advanced replica of Cypher‘s famous CypherMorph.

Download: RapidShare: Easy Filehosting
Virustotal: Virustotal. MD5: 3f1b38b3d8071e277a1e591e976b5934
WoW target version: 3.0.9


* Open WoW
* Log in
* Press on the ‘refresh list’ button
* Select your target you want to morph on the list
* Type in an ID / desired scale
* Press on the ‘morph’ button

Alternatively, you can morph your current ingame-target. To do so,
* select ‘morph ingame target’ (the application will then adjust to a smaller size)
* Type in an ID / desired scale
* target something ingame you want to morph
* Press the ‘morph’ button

Be sure to update the list if you travel/move, or the morphing wont work.

And yes, you do need all these DLLs and they need to be in the same folder as the sMorph.exe. Typos are intended.

As I stated earlier, this is not as advanced as Cypher’s morpher. You need this application to do the morphing, there’s no WoWConsole support. (pain in the ass)

Credits: Cypher, Robske007a, Shynd, kynox, FASM, everyone @ the Memory Editing Section

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