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Ok let’s get started. I’d like to say that this is meant for spellcaster classes – a class that doesn’t require the use of their
melee weapon (or any weapon at all for that matter) and has it for Stats purposes only.
So please no melee classes saying: “ZOMG I GOT THIS ACHIEV LEIK 2 SECS AFTER I HIT 80 LOL NOOB!”

1. Go to any low level weapon merchant.
For instance Dolman Steelfury in IF if you are Alliance or Urtharo if you are Horde. Any capital city has one.
Buy all the weapons that you want to get your weapon skill up with. I’m a shaman and I needed Dagger,
One-handed Axes and Two-handed Maces and Axes. Each of them cost less than a silver so it shouldn’t be an issue.

2. Go to Wintergrasp – preferably after a match if you hat the lagg or you can join a raid and get some honor
while getting weapon skills. I can not test this for the Horde but I assume you can find a similar spot. Go to your starting
location – you know the one you get teleported to from Dalaran if you are attacking. Find one of the Chilled Earth Elementals that’s
close enough to the graveyard of your faction (Horde or Alliance) -LINK- and drag him to this position -LINK-. If you position
yourself close enough to the Dwarven Spirit Guide (or Taunka Spirit Guide if you are Horde) you get the Spiritual Immunity buff that
makes you immune to any damage.

3. Equip the weapon of choice and swing away!

As far as my experience goes you only suffer weapon durability loss but that shouldn’t be an issue if you are using the
low level weapons from vendors but if you are sceptical you can unequip everything. After all you are immune

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