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K first of all this doesnt work on a labtop…. you need a pc with a ethernet cable

K when you DC in WOW from a loss of internet connection you may have noticed that every one in wow walks in one place.

Yet you can move for a couple seconds at a normal speed before your popped at the diconnection screen.

too use this to your advantage you unplug your ethernet cable and wait 5 seconds, during that 5 seconds you are completly invisible to the world you can walk up to any MOB any where and they cant attack you

Now you might be saying….”wow five seconds of invisibility big whoop”
but did I mention that you have to replug your ethernet cord wait 3 seconds for it to just start to talk with the wow game server then unplug it again…giving you an extra 5 seconds…by unpluging and repluging my ethernet cord I was invisible/out of phase of the game for 50 seconds yet I wasnt DCed

now too make this exploit useful me and my friend got all our WOW buddies togather and formed a group and went into heroic Nexus.

We then all began to pull our ethernet cords walk past a stationary Mob and replug them when we walked in a safe spot….AKA: we didnt have to pull any trash in Nexus

by doing this we were able to farm heroic badges faster and quicker by skipping all trash and going straight to the boss’s

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