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OK, Ive been sitting on this for a While Now, and thought its about time to let the world know, u can have a Hord and alliance Character on a pvp server, but it involves 2 Xfers
1 free and one paid,,,

so, have your character on the Free Xfer server (inthis case the Be Pally,)
and your other character on the Paid Xfer Server, (Warlock)
(the warlock was Xfered from a PVE server not sure if this is relevant (and yes u can Xfer Pve > PVP now))

so what i did was,

Set up the Paid Xfer of the warlock and wait for the confirmation / payment notice can take anywhere from 1 hour to a few days,

once your at that stage, go ahead and start Xfering the otherCharacter, (u need Free Xfers to do anything under Lvl 10,

now once that is going and accepted (cos u dont get any Confirmation with Free Xfers, ) go ahead and Accept and Pay for the Paid Xfer,

it took me 3 attempts to do this useing low lvl toons for the Free Xfers, and if id dont work it would reject the Paid Xfer so u either delete the lowbie toon and try again or pick a Diffrent Server thats getting Free Xfers,

one last thing once thats done i cant create any more Characters on either side on that server not even a DK

also i havent been able to replicate it, again, (due to a lack of Fre Xfers atm and Personal Funds)

All done on US server

SS Below, OMG HAX!

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