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this is where you go to get there! i should have taken screeny when i was there but forgot sorry.

OK, so what you do.

step 1, get about where im standing in this pic and you have to jump sideways so your adjacent with the cliff face and facing the plateau; there are invisible ledges which you can LAND on but cannot walk.

when you get there (i dismount because i find it easier to jump from a standstill)
you must jump to the plateau)

from there just run up the ramp till you get to a massive drop, this is where your chopper, bubble, soulstone etc comes into play; use that jump off! I didnt want to spoil it for you all so you have to do it yourself, but from there just run south till you get to sw.

Also note, you can run north instead of south to find some interesting places where the terrain wasnt made properly and can run to the ocean etc etc

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