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Wow ObjectDumper/Radar by Gamer ([Release] WoW ObjectDumper/Radar)

Step 1:

Download and load ObjectDumper and under Notification add “Everfrost” without quotes.

Step 2:

Load Wow and login

Step 3:

Head to Storm Peak and start flying within/around the red circle in the below screenshot

You will be looking for what it looks like a thorn on the ground, hover your mouse over and you will see Everfrost Chip. Right click and you will loot Everfrost Dust and a Everfrost that looks like a glowing orb looking thing. Once you have that head to Dun Niffelem and talk to “Calder” (If you have not done the quest, accept the quest then turn in the everfrost and it will become repeat.) You will receive 6g and 350 rep for “The Sons of Hodir”. Also these can be found multiple times and they are stackable but soulbound. Just keep farming them.

within an hour you should make 100g or more depending on how fast and how often you spot a everfrost chip.

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