First - WoW Exploit Community 2012 recommendations!

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1: Lets say u want black dress or that pet Peddlefeet well you can get it EZ mode.
Lets say u got 1 character on your account and its your main well then you make 9 more chars run all of them to Orgrimmar or Stormwind (Random Ally or Horde) Put them by mailbox and every hour you log on get the item on all chars and you will get what you want EZ mode.

2: Sell The Pet or the Picnic Basket.
Well as you know you can get a picnic basket or a pet when you open your gifts but they are souldbound.
Well you can keep the pet and the basket in the gift and sell that to players since that isent bop (ofc the ppl who want to buy it takes a risk of getting scammed but w/e.

3: Silver Shafted Arrows.
There can also drop an arrow that if you shoot it on someone that guy gets a pet well when u get theese arrows aim at someone when u have clicken it will come up a casting bar just spam The Escape button and you will still shoot the arrows and keep it so the guy you shoot at gets the pet and you dont loose your arrow.

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