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Basically this is a little trick to make the easy fight that is Gothik a bit easier. Using this, you will stop Gothik from casting shadowbolts in phase two.

1. Engage Gothik the Harvester

2. Put Warlocks, Priests, and Hunters on the live side.

3. Gothik is immune to all damage in this phase, but he is not immune to mana burns. While your priests and warlocks are on the live side, mana burn him.

4. Since mana drains now take a percentage of mana instead of a flat amount, Gothik’s 400,000 mana will go down faster than Kalgan’s mother.

5. Once Gothik reaches zero mana, he will regen one mana per five seconds, not enough to cast even a single shadowbolt in phase two.

The exploit works better in 25 man, due do generally having more players to mana burn. It’s simple to kill him after his mana reaches zero, with only melee, he hits like a wuss. Even if your guild is mediocre enough to kill Gothik without this, God knows mine is, it’s still easily the funniest thing in Naxxramas to do. Turning a boring fight into something fun!

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