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Since many people think NoAddiction is a scam or not worth its money, we decided to release a public version of the actual NoAddiction hack (v1.3)
It’ll work for World of Warcraft v3.0.8a

Please read the “ReadMe.txt” and follow every “HowTo” step before asking stupid questions!

This version will work until the next WoW patch gets released and you’re using the hack on your own responsibility!

Have fun guys

For the paranoid guys: VirusTotal or just don’t use this free offer


*Flyhack (+noclip/ghost-mode)
*Hoverhack (Walk through air)
*Maphack (Displays all entitys on minimap)
*No fall damage
*Ingame commands (See commands.txt help)
*Displays level instead of “??” if too high.
*Languagehack (understand any language)
*No auto-afk
*LUA-Script engine (Create your own hack-features and share them with other NA-users)

So here’s the Link and for those who prefer a direct dl link: Download

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