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Everyone knows about raiding. 40 people in a group, they go somewhere, and kill a dragon. Right? Wrong. The underdog’s of every raid, are the addons. Little things telling them what to do, when to stop DPS, when to tank n’ spank, etc. But, do YOU have the right ones? Lets take a look.

Omen Threat Meter: This addon keeps track of the threat gained by all of your spells, all of your attacks, and everything that you do. It uses a threat-library that knows everything, so you don’t need to go through it once to find out how much threat your generating. Its very useful if your an off-tank or in karazhan and dont wanna aggro the trash.
Omen Threat Meter – Addons – Curse

Recount: Recount is an addon that keeps track of DPS and more. It shows how much Damage you are doing, how much DPS, how much healing, etc. But not just you, everyone in your group / raid. It has an easy to understand UI, and you can make reports in different chat areas about what you are recording. I use this to show off my rogues smexy DPS.
Recount – Addons – Curse

Deadly Boss Mods: A great addon. It has mods for ALL boss fights, telling you what to do specifically during the more challenging fights. If anyone whispers you during a boss fight, DBM will whisper back, telling them that you cannot respond because you are in the middle of a boss fight. Also, it uses very little memory in WoW. Just an all around great addon.
Deadly Boss Mods – Addons – Curse

PitBull: Is a unit frame addon. It is by far my favorite unit fram addon out there, even better than the xperl ones I used to use. Id be here all day typing if I told you everything about it, but it tracks all different types of frams (Pets, raids, etc.) Along with casting bars, experience bars, threat bars, and more! I definetly reccomend you check this addon out.
PitBull – Addons – Curse

Well, that concludes this list of raid addons. If you have any suggestions, I will add them. Just like to a website with information about them, and ill look into it!

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