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What you Need:

XBOX 360 Controller for PC (wireless or USB) Here is a link: Microsoft Hardware
The SwitchBlade software. You can go to site at or just straight to download – Download here!
A WOW account =] DUH! lol

Ok here is youtube instruction of how to setup –

Basically all you do is plug in your controller and start the software. The program is already set up for wow so just start your charcter and begin to play

Simple controls:
Left stick – Move character
Left stick click – Target enemies
Right stick – Moves cursor
Right stick click – Jump
Left shoulder – Clicks on what cursor is over (same as left click on mouse)
Right shoulder – Interact with objects (same as right click on mouse)
Buttons A, X, Y, and B – Action bar buttons 1-4 respectively
D-Pad Up/Dwn – Action Bar scroll
D-Pad Left – Bags
D-Pad Right – Character Menu
Start Button – Main menu in wow (same as ESC)

There is some extra controls but the video explains them all better. This software is really cool for questing and just running around in wow. Takes all the button clicking and mouse work out of wow.

The only drawback is that unless you practice with this very much you will suck in pvp hehe because you wont have access to all of ur many spells and stuff, but still great for ez playing.

The site has many more info as I am just summing it up for everyone. As soon as I get a 360 controller for PC im definitely gonna be using this. Hope you guys enjoy!

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  1. by tony, on October 20 2009 @ 6:31 pm


    this tutorial is not nearly as good as the one thayann09 did in youtube, and he shows himself using it in ramps, the way this controllers are set it would be impossible to do a raid or an instance. sorry dude but this vid sucked

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