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I’m not 100% sure on this and I have no idea how to replicate it, but basically I’m lvl 74 with rested bonus lasting since lvl 70 and seems like my way to lvl 75 will be 100% rested.

You might think that since wrath release would be easy to play a little a toon and then coming back later after a week just to find a full rested level, but this is not the case; what I exactly did was the following:

– wrath release: rerolled dk and never logged my druid aside from when I needed to disenchant my stuff

– one week ago I went to the druid trainer to respec balance so I started leveling my druid again and had him wear the BoA shoulders (sunderseer mantle) BEFORE KILLING ANYTHING

– I moonfired my way to lvl 71,5, ran tk and ssc with a pug and went back to the trainer to respec feral (didn’t enjoy balance) and changed again my shoulders to the stormshroud ones (again BoA)

– quested to lvl 74 having perma rested bonus

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