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I just found that there’s a way to prolong your ‘jump on vehicle time’ by spamming blink or using demonic circle teleport while you’re summoning a vehicle like Mekgineer’s Chopper, Mechano-hog and Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth. ( Maybe this would works on Charge, Intervene or Shadowstep too, hasn’t tested because most of my characters doesn’t have vehicle mount and it also doesn’t have anything to do with this exploit )
So after I found that even if you move away after done summoning your vehicle, you’ll jump to your vehicle anyway, no matter what, I’ve got a strange idea.

Here’s what I do

I place demonic circle on the one side of the wall and run to another side.
Then I summon my vehicle and spam my demonic circle teleport button.
And it works, my character teleported to my circle then jump through the wall to my mount.

I know it’s doesn’t have any usage other than making your friends say “WTF??” but I posted here because I hope that maybe someone could find a way to use this.
Btw, I did try to right click to remove vehicle icon while in the air, the vehicle disappeared but my character doesn’t stop moving, he still lands on the place where the vehicle was.

edit – add the screenshot of how the jump works.

This screenshot only shows that you can do a long jump. When you’re doing this jump, even if there’s anything blocking you ( for example, walls ), you’ll go through it.

When I’m inside the wall the camera angle changed to first preson and it makes the screenshot become a picture that doesn’t make sense at all.

When I’m jumping through wall.

When I’m jumping through ground.

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