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Have you ever feel that ‘low’ graphic settings isn’t low enough?
Sometimes you got slowdown or freezing?
Here’s some some commands to makes graphic settings even lower than low.

Ok, here it is.
First, you should set your graphic settings to ‘low’
Then you enter these commands


/console gxcolorbits 16
/console gxdepthbits 16
/console skycloudlod 0
/console particledensity 0.3
/console lod 0
/console fullalpha 0
/console doodadanim 0
/console mapshadows 0
/console loddist 50
/console smallcull 2
/console maxlights 0
/console specular 0
/console pixelshader 0
/console detaildensity 1
/console unitdrawdist 20
/console waterlod 0
/console basemip 1
/console shadowlevel 1
/console alphalevel 1
/console anisotropic 16
/console textureloddist 80
/console light 0
/console fog 0
/console bitdepth 16
/console showwater 0
/console maxlod 0
/console watermaxlod 0
/console waterwaves 0
/console waterspecular 0
/console waterripples 0
/console waterparticulates 0
/console showshadow 0
/console skyclouddensity 0
/console skysunglare 0
/console skyshow 0

and then you type
/console gxrestart
to restart your graphic engine.

And you’ll got a lower graphic settings

You can also put


SET gxcolorbits "16"
SET gxdepthbits "16"
SET skycloudlod "0"
SET particledensity "0.3"
SET lod "0"
SET fullalpha "0"
SET doodadanim "0"
SET mapshadows "0"
SET loddist "50"
SET smallcull "2"
SET maxlights "0"
SET specular "0"
SET pixelshader "0"
SET detaildensity "1"
SET unitdrawdist "20"
SET waterlod "0"
SET basemip "1"
SET shadowlevel "1"
SET alphalevel "1"
SET anisotropic "16"
SET textureloddist "80"
SET light "0"
SET fog "0"
SET bitdepth "16"
SET showwater "0"
SET maxlod "0"
SET watermaxlod "0"
SET waterwaves "0"
SET waterspecular "0"
SET waterripples "0"
SET waterparticulates "0"
SET showshadow "0"
SET skyclouddensity "0"
SET skysunglare "0"
SET skyshow "0"

in your in your WTF folder instead

3 Comments so far »

  1. by mitchell, on November 28 2009 @ 3:00 pm


    Woow wow runs very smooth now!

  2. by Brandon, on January 26 2010 @ 6:54 pm


    Very nice, but is there any way to reverse this once it is entered?

  3. by Dysheer, on February 3 2010 @ 7:31 pm


    Thats a great question, Mitchell! By the way, what are your computer’s specs? I have 1Ghz Processor, 512 RAM, 80gig Harddrive and a ATI Rage Pro 128, wth 32mb of video memory.

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