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Hey people out there,
today i want to show you the best program i ever found in the inet. It`s a height hack like XYZ + a teleport hack. This means you can Teleport wherever yout want and whenever you want. The onlything you need are the Coordinations.

YES this hack is for retail.

UPDATE!: NEW VERSION (0.3.3 preview 2) … Dash updated it and released a preview… and for a special bonus its in ENGLISH he decided to make all versions in english ( i apologize for every mistake, he copied from my guide, so it`s my fault ^^) Dash fixed the problem with “.. ist kein gültiger Gleitkommawert” should work now, without editing anythin

DOWNLOAD: 0.3.3 preview2
filebeam link

So the name of the program is Wowporty. The current version is version 0.3.3 preview and its update by its founder “dash2007” from elite.pvpers . The program is his work and i´m only the one who write a englsih tutorial for it and who brings it to you (yes, with his permition). The programm has an german interface, but i´ll write a tutorial, so that you can use it too.

“the programm <3”
Advice for Vista and Windows7 – User :
You must start World of Warcraft and WoWPorty as Admin. You can do that with a rightclick on your WoW.exe and your NewLoader.exe.

So now i`ll come to the real presentation
WoWPorty is a program that can port you xD You must enter the coordinates and it will bring you there. But because of teleport nerfes on live servern you´ll be disconnected when you move, after being portet. (you can avoid this with mucking around with the Packet-Range and the Timestamp). But besides, you´ll be at the ported location after the disconnect (after reloging ).
You can only teleport inside the continent you start. This means, if you are at the startinglocation of the orcs, you can teleport everywhere on kalimdor. The nightelf startingpoint and the GM-island belongs to kalimdor, while the draenei startingpoint belongs to Shattrath (BurningCrusade).

possible Problems :

1. beeing disconnected while porting

if this happens, you must raise the “Schlaf-Counter” (in english : Sleeping-Counter) for 5 up, till you have no more disconnects.

2. Wow Errors

if this happens, copy them and i´ll post them to Dash, who will try to fix the problem

3. WowPorty can´t start

Be sure, that you started it as administrator, if this doesn´t help, stop your antivirus-software, because it could be that it stops the dll-injection and wowporty can´t write into wow.

4.Bei der Teleportation trat eine Exception auf: ‘2,53’ ist kein gültiger Gleitkommawert

use “.” instead of “,” and it will work

Every Version is tested by me and Dash with more than one account
but we´ll not guarantee that it is 100% not detecable. Use it on own risk and use it not to conspicuous (i hope its the right word :P)

i think it should be enough to only translate the interface

1. Press Numpad 0 to show and hide the window
2. Copy current position
3. Cancel
4. Port!
5. Before you activate or deactivate the hack, your character must be moving. For Example, you can let your character run with pressing Numlock. Than you can check this.
After the checkbox: Send false Z-Coordination to the Server.
6.Here you can edit the coordinates you have inserted, for example with 2. (@version 0.3.1 it does not work, but i`ll update if there is a new version)

1. Doubleclick to port!
2. Reload list
3. Edit!
4. Delete
5. Add (insert Name in Editbox)

1. Specialtuning (edit if you have disconnects)
2. Teleport-Preview (every 100 Ports, you`ll be ported clientside, this could be a reason for disconnects)
3. While being teleported, the program will send false height so noone can see you while beeing teleported)
4. height, that will be sended
5. Sleeping-Counter, time between the packages that the program is sending
6. Max range between 2 packages (if mounted the max is 4,x~)
7. Timestamp per Package + value (0 = no fake Timestamp, but then there are very short distance between 2 packages, that means that it will take longer, but there will no DC at the end)

The last Tab is just the Log, if you have any problems, pls copy the log and i`ll redirect it to dash.


Version 0.3.1
Click me!

Version 0.3.3 preview
Click me!

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  1. by Me, on December 19 2009 @ 5:28 pm


    I need 2.4.3 version

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