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Basically, find a nice spot in a BG to AFK at, open up MouseMachine, Hit options, and then check Keep window on top. Click the bottom right button Set, then mouse over a move on your hotbars, for example, a rogue’s stealth. Hit Left click on your mouse and you should see a coordinate pop up on the leftside of MouseMachine window. Then, under ‘Do action’, hit L Btn Dbclick. Then hit Start.

You can save this config as AFK or w/e you want. Next time you want to AFk in BG, open up mousebot and run it, that easy.

This will keep you from going afk because the game reads you are using a move. I AFK’d in AV for over 30 minutes by just restealthing over and over.

Link to download Mouse Machine- PCSUPPORT.DK

You can also use this program for other uses besides anti afk.

In the Deep Run tram, there is a specific spot where rats keep spawning. You can park your toon right next to these rats and set the bot to right click right where the spawn. Let it go, walk away, come back with max weapon skill.

You can train all your weapon skills if you like, this way.

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  1. by JL, on April 21 2010 @ 11:27 am


    The more efficient way to use Mouse Machine for a BG is to find a battlemaster, preferably one that is in a city where no one really goes i.e. Silvermoon, or Exodar, but UC is also an option for Horde players because of the layout of the room or IF for Alliance.

    Follow these steps for endless free honor. But be warned! if your lifetime Honor & lifetime Kills are seriously out of balance Blizzard will find out & they will strip you of everything earned w/ that honor & possibly ban your account. Steps are as follows.

    You can play in regular or windowed mode:

    1) Stand literally on top of the battlemaster, where your toon is in the same spot as the NPC.

    2) Angle camera so that you are looking on top of your heads

    3) zoom in so that the head of the taller NPC takes up your entire screen

    4) take a sticky note & paste the corner of it on the tip of the mouse pointer to mark screen at 3 points:

    a) any random point to talk to the battlemaster,
    b) in the box to choose join battle
    c) in the box to choose to enter battle

    an optional point is the box for “leave battleground” but it is not critical since the BG auto kicks you after 2 min of win/loss However it will get you to the next BG 2 min quicker if you do this, & adding those 2 min up over the entire day or night makes a huge difference in Honor points.

    Also with the addition of EXP in BG & the end of BG marks this means huge potential for easy leveling once your toon can hit AV.

    Also to note AV is really the only one where Mouse Machine can be truly successful & effective.

    Good Luck, all & try not to get banned.


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