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This guide will help you learn how to fight versus other classes. It requires you to be at least 70 cause you may use abilites that are not available for low-levels.In my opinion gear is not that important for pvp but of course you cant fight with useless green items or win someone with Vengeful Gladiators if u dont have the proper gear.Since there are a lot of hunters which use different specs for pvp, i’m going to analyse how every type of hunter is going to fight.
vs Druids
Feral Druid : They are one of the most easy opponents for hunters. They will normally start with cat form, so all u have to do is to activate your “Track Hidden” ability and throw a Flare. If u manage to see the druid before he attacks u just start kiting him. If he attacks first just click “Bestial Wrath”, use a “Wing Clip” and start kiting him. Usually druids tend to shapeshift in bear form after that. They will charge you but u dont have to worry as long as you are enraged. When “Bestial Wrath” is done you can simply fear druid with “Scare Beast”. A good druid will avoid that by shapeshifting in normal form and then again in bear/cat so you have to be careful. All you have to do is just fear/trap/slow him and kiting him untill he is dead. Some druids when they see that they have low health they will try to heal themselfs.It’s an important phase of your fight because if the druid heal himself then the battle will take a lot of time.Just use “Intimidation” and immediatly an “Aimed Shot”. If u think that’s not enough, then pop up your trinkets and “Rapid Fire” to take him down quickly.
Balance Druids : That type of druid is really hard. They will get in Moonkin Form, that is something that hunters hate because of the high armor and the possibility that druid will cast spells.They are really difficult encounters and your only hope is to pop up all your CDs (trinkets,Rapid Fire,Bestial Wrath) so you will do as much damage as possible. Remember to keep your “Intimidation” ability in case they’re going to heal themselfs and use “Feign Death” when they cast a skill like “Wrath”, otherwise you will get nuked really easy.
Restoration Druids : Probably the most difficult druid a hunter can face. Their goal is to burn your mana so they will easily beat you. The best you can do is to use the tactic of Feral Druid when they are in bear/cat form and use “Viper Sting” when they are not shapeshifted, so you will make them unable to cast spells or heal themselfs. Their heals are extremely good and if they manage to heal themselfs easily prepare to lose.
vs Hunters
I’m not going to say tactics for each hunter’s spec as long as they dont have big differences.A fight vs Hunters is a gear vs gear fight. Although there are some tips you have to know.
1)Use “Feign Death”, so the other hunter will lose his target for a while and u will be able to deal some damage, while the other hunter will try to get his target back.
2)Bestial Wrath is very effective vs MM hunters because they interrupt their casting skills (ex. Aimed Shot)
3)Have your mouse pointer over the other hunter so you will be able to aim him immediatly in case he uses feign death.
4)Use “Intimidation” to get advantage in damage dealing
5)Dont use casting skills like “Aimed Shot”. They will get too much time untill they will be casted and the opponent will interrupt your skill+nuke you easily.

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