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You may be an apple fan and have a mac as your main comp, and yet be in need of a bot in WoW sometimes. Now, since there’s almost no bots for Mac out there, you may want to give this simple version a try, so read on and stay coo!:

Mac has a standard program named ‘Script Editor’. I’m no good at these kinda programs myself at all, so don’t expect me to be any further helpful than what I post here. But here goes: The program can run WoW and do commands as you set it to. For example, you can set it to make your character jump 5000 times, with a pause between the jumps of 60 seconds.
In order to do that you’ll need the following script:


repeat X times
tell application "System Events"
tell application "World of Warcraft" to activate
key code 49
end tell
delay Y
end repeat

X is the amount of times you want your character to jump, while Y is the pause between the jumps in seconds.

So there you have an anti-AFK bot which Isn’t even illegally downloaded!

Also, this one will automatically run WoW, log you in and show the character interface:


set CR to ASCII character of 13
tell application "System Events"
tell application "World of Warcraft" to activate
keystroke "PASSWORDHERE" & CR
end tell

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  1. by stephen, on October 1 2009 @ 4:24 pm


    how do u get applescript to rightclick?

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