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Last night waiting around for raid time i found out somthing funny you can do with the Traveler tunda mount sorry this is very useless but gives you somthing to do when bored lol

step 1: have the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth allso works with any mount you can get extra people on i.e. bike. just you need some sort of slow fall

step 2: be in dalaran

step 3: /trade i am bored does anyone wanna go for a ride on my mount (name the mount) i normaly got 2-3 people lol

step 4: inv them to group and let them mount up

step 5: ask them where they would like to go (ignore them)

step 6: ride into the dalaran sewer head for the escape pipe

step 7: jump off and lol at them use the eject button and watch them fall to thier death while you land on your mount and take 0 fall dmg

i killed around 20 random people and 10 guildes

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