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1st- Grab ipod touch/iphone
By denialisok at 2009-01-26
2nd – find your ip address (external, not your lan ip)
3rd – Go to the app store on your ipod and search for “VNC”
By denialisok at 2009-01-26
4th – Download the app
5th – go to RealVNC – VNC feature comparison and download selector
By denialisok at 2009-01-26
6th – click the free version
7th – Download the version that applies to your operating system
By denialisok at 2009-01-26
8th – Install it (all you really need it the server, not the viewer)
9th – Go to Configure User-Mode Settings
By denialisok at 2009-01-26
10th – place a password and change the settings to your likeing
11th – Go back to the Ipod touch version of the VNC app, punch in your setting and your ip address from step 2

12th – You may need to open up port 5900 on your firewall and/or router
13th – enjoy, the most use for this is to check your mail at school/work

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