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Hey All, I have just tried this, and currently have Two Deathknights roaming around on the same server, and am going to try and do it until I have several.
So lets play this down a little, and make it easy for us to understand shall we?


Web Browser
World of Warcraft Upgraded to Wrath of the Lich King
Free Character Transfers Up

Ways to go around doing this

  • First off, Go to the Login Page in the World of Warcraft Game, and have a look at what free transfers are open.
  • After finding a server you feel is the one for you, log into the game, Go to the server and create a Deathknight. Now go to the server that you will transfer a character FROM.
  • Make a Deathknight on this server and log out, and go to the Account Management Page, Login, and go to “Free Character Transfer”
  • Now after the wall of text, it will say “Transfer” Next to the Deathknight, Click this and move it to your realm.
  • Voila, You now have 2 DKs on the same Server

Now, This can be repeated several times, but just be cautious

Note : Sometimes it will say ERROR in the Transfer Status Page, but Give it time and it should do it. When it gave me the ability to cancel, I did and just redid it and it worked. PERSISTENCE IS THE KEY!


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