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If youre like me, and enjoys playing all the sweet things which PRE-BC has to offer, you might like this.


Let’s say you have your lvl 60 warrior and you need 90k honor before you have full set. You don’t wanna bot the honor or grind it for months, do it like this:

BC activated (Threw 10day Trial or store bought)
WOTLK activated (Threw 10day Trial or store bought)
With the Trial, you only got 10days on you do get all the honor but this is how it works.


Get your account activated and try to get a summon to Dalran (WOTLK maincity), set your Heartstone there and go Wintergrasp battle when it’s up.

It’s up a few times a day and loads of 80s play it, make sure you get to join the Wintergrasp raid with the others and join in the fun. You can make up to 3-6k honor in a matter of minutes there. Repeat this as often as you can before the Trial goes out.

OR If store bought, downgrade your account to pre-bc once you are done.
(It might cost allot, but hey a few bucks or 90k honor grind?)

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