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ok so you dont like playing fury? you prefer playing Arms for that mortal strike and better bleed effects.
well heres the thing spec 51 in fury so you can equip 2x 2handers equip both and leave them both equipped then respec too arms and you can go all the way down to where ever you want and you can keep the 2x 2handers quipped as a mortal strike warrior for pvp or arena.. or if you find you prefer tanking.. you can equip and 2handed deathknight tanking weapon… and also equip a shield with a 2hander and just respec Protection after you have equipped a 2hander with a shield in fury

Have fun with this as i know i did.. i had Brutal gladiators Bonegrinder and Vengeful gladiators bonegrinder equipped at the same time looked awesome aswell as having extra resilience ontop of some nice extra damage especially with whirlwind etc

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