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Just tried this yesterday because I was running low on gold. Used on my level 21 rogue, and I see this as being FANTASTIC for new servers.

Professions required: Skinning+Mining

I like to start at Goldshire then head Northeast to Jasperlode Mine, down to the ridge below Tower of Azora, down to Jerod’s Landing, west to Maclure Farm, west to Fargodeep Mine, and back up to Goldshire.

The real money comes in when you find people killing boars at Maclure Farm for the quest near there. Usually people dont have skinning at this level, and the stuff they need from the boars has a low drop chance, so there will be a lot of dead boars lying in the field. Yesterday i was lucky and had 5 people killing them, and none had skinning. I walked away with over 100 light leather, 75 skinning (was level 1 before i started) and 72 scraps in 10 minutes. The rest of the route is just for the copper ore which has a high chance to be in the mines.

Ill try to upload a picture later, I was having trouble with it before.

Put all my stuff up on auction yesterday and checked this morning… total made: 47 gold.

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