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ok this is my 1st post so dont go all Crazy on me.. but i know it 100% works.
So you goto shat or nagrand with ur flying mount you take all of your gear off so u dont get Durability loss.. Easier to get a remove clothing add-on

Then you make a Macro Saying /script Repop Me() exactly as that.. then u drag ur macro into action bar where u can press a key to use it… now sign for arena best to do skirmishes till u master it…
Now fly up on your flying mount and Drop so u die… now wait for arena to pop.. dont join yet.. now scroll your mouse over enter battle and click whilst spamming ur macro i usually have it as number one.. so i click enter battle whilst spamming number one.

And what it does is u pop into the Arena in the middle.. you will see ur team m8 behind the door on the map.. so you know where the other team is.. its best to do just one of you do it if both of you do it then u dont know where the other team is…

whats the point in this i hear you ask?
Well if ur mage rogue combo.. rogue can start stunlocking the healer.. and mage can come in and instantly nuke the stunned target etc or maybe rogue saps? or hunter lays trap? its so u get the head starts so u can CC them from start and pwn all

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