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Hello all. I’ve had a strange bug few weeks ago, which allowed me to be in 1 guild. I received the guild info of one, but had the members and title of the other.

I could see both guilds in one guild chat, which was confusing me a lot so I decided to /gquit. The funny part was, after I left, I could STILL see the guild chat of the one I only saw the guild info of, and they didn’t see me in their guild list.

I have pics at home to proof all this, and will upload them in 1 hour. I couldn’t test out if I could access guild bank, since it were 2 freshly made guilds. The effect dissapeared after I deleted my WTF folder.

This might be helpfull for:
– Getting to know juicy information about people. (Guilds with alot of rl chat and stuff)
– Trying to access guild banks (You’ll have to test that yourself)
Whatever reason you can think of.

How to do this:
1. Be guildless
2. Sign a charter
3. Be invited into another guild before charter is complete
4. You’ll be in the guild where u got invite from and when charter is delivered back, you’ll be in that one too.

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