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Seed money: dailies, farming raw mats and selling on AH.

Addons: Auctioneer (this is critical), any of the various bulk mail addons, and and a money tracking addon

Character: Create a new toon, or pick a toon you haven’t played, and probably won’t play for a while.

Bags: Get 16-20 slot bags, and a profession specific bag (if you sell a lot of raw mats).

Bank: Get 16-20 slotters and/or all profession bags (depends on the variety of your goods), buy extra spots as you can afford them

Guild bank: great for storing overstock and seasonal gear (eg small eggs for winter, 100 extra stacks of saronite, etc), not worth it until your bags are chronically overfull. Also, offer 5-10g per charter sig, you’ll have a new guild in 10 min vs spamming trade for 3 hours offering 1g.

In auctioneer, your going to be living in the ‘Appraiser’ tab.

After installation, run scans until you have a few scans over a few days – this sets the ‘market price.’

Setup: click ‘configure’ in your Auction House/Auctioneer window.

Go to Match modules (I think that is the name, it start’s with ‘match’)

Select ‘Undercut’

Set undercut to %0.1 (I advise not setting it to 1c – if often alienates buyers and will get your name tossed around angrily in trade chat – you want to fly under the radar as you build your empire.)

Set your overprice to 150-300% and your underprice to whatever you are comfortable with, I use 50%, but I also deal in gems which have wild price swings – set to 10% until you are familiar).

Fill up your bags from the mailbox (bulkmail addons makes this 1000x easier)

Go to the AH, open up the Appraiser tab, alt-click refresh to update everything in your bag.

Start at the top of the left column, check the ‘undercut box’ and list everything.

Anything that is ‘blue’ is generally well under market rates – if you are confident that the item is in reasonably high demand, and there are no external reasons for it to be priced so low (like an upcoming patch where xyz material is removed from a bunch of patterns), buy it, click refresh, and your undercut price will automatically adjust to the new market floor.

Rinse and Repeat, you’ll be rocking a Mechano-Hog in no time!

General tips:

I have about a 10-15% sell rate on a volume of approx 500 auctions a day (about 100 of which are stacks sold as singles).

I haven’t done a daily for gold or farmed for gold or mats in about a year and a half.

According to the Character sheet, I gross about 2.8k/day, about 500-1000 of that is profit, for 25-45 minutes of work, up to an hour on days that I am prospecting and cutting (which I do 2-3 times a week).

About 80% of my sales are gems, raw uncommon and cut rare.

The rest are Mana and health potions, injectors, and injector kits (I own all aspects of this market – undercutters are either purchased by me or undercut by me.), and 2-3 epic eng weapons a week.

I have sold about 300k gross on the AH since the tracking started – hope to hit 1mm by this summer.

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