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In Detail:
I know as a fact, XXX of Nobles are selling for high prices in every server, we are going to take advantage of it.

Using maths, there are 4 decks, each deck with 8 cards, in order to create a card of Nobles, there is a 1×8/4×8 (1/4) chance.

The Darkmoon Cards and why people want them – Darkmoon Card of the North – Item – World of Warcraft

Darkmoon Card: Illusion – Item – World of Warcraft – Not too good, but good for starters.
Darkmoon Card: Death – Item – World of Warcraft – Haste Changed to Crit, and procs off DoTs
Darkmoon Card: Berserker! – Item – World of Warcraft – PvP nuff said.

Darkmoon Card: Greatness – Item – World of Warcraft – You can choose from FOUR different versions (STR/AGI/INT/SPR), it has a 35%!! chance to proc +300!!! of your highest stat. Stamina isn’t counted.
1. Powerlevel Inscription maximum 1000g if you buy ALL the mats, I leveled mine through herbing as a gathering profession.
Here is a guide posted buy a MMOwned member…e-1-450-a.html (Inscription leveling guide (1-450))
2. Buy or Farm Adder’s Tongue, Icethorn, Lichbloom. If you farmed them, you won’t have a problem with Eternal Lifes
3. Mill them.
4. Make em into cards
5. Sell the Cards. Note that you can still make a profit if you do not create a Nobles card, however it will take many cards to break even with the original Inscription cost.

1. There’s gold buyers on every server, and they will certainly buy the cards so long as you don’t charge an crazy amount.
2. You won’t have to spend AGES doing the crap Sons of Hodir dailies for shoulder enchants cause Inscription gets you ones 2/3x better (and it’s cheap). Inscription – Recipes – World of Warcraft
You get free hearths in the form of Scroll of Recall III – Item – World of Warcraft

4. Darkmoon Card: Death – Item – World of Warcraft getting a buff for haste to be changed into crit. So most likely will gain more interest.
If farming in Scholazar Basin, count on SHIT LOADS of Frost Lotus drops. I managed to get 28 of em while trying to tame Loque’Nahak.
7. Good thing to do if you want to try to tame Loque’Nahak or get the Time-Lost Proto Drake.

Both Lichbloom and Icethorn is used for flasks, so you may want to sell these, I however suggest farming in Scholazar Basin. This is because not only can you farm Adder’s Tongue in a plentiful amount, you can also farm Goldthorn, Tiger’s Lily, and Deadnette within those herbs.
With this spare herbs, you can either sell these, or make them into…

Spellpower Elixir – Item – World of Warcraft – 58SP – Casters
Elixir of Mighty Strength – Item – World of Warcraft – 50STR – Melee
Wrath Elixir – Item – World of Warcraft – 60AP – Melee/Hunter
Lesser Flask of Toughness – Item – World of Warcraft – 50Resil – PvP? Battlegrounds etc
Elixir of Mighty Fortitude – Item – World of Warcraft – Tank – Persist Through Death

Farm Routes:
Taken from Sholazar Basin Herbs | Almost Gaming

and IC/SP taken from
Icecrown Herbs | Almost Gaming and Storm Peak Herbs – Iceblood & Lichbloom | Almost Gaming

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