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This exploit lets you use your passenger mount, in this case the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth to gain access to Old Ironforge.
The same exploit should also work with all ‘vehicle type’ mounts, and in other places with similar ‘walls’ that you need to get past.
This exploit lets you get other players to for ex Old Ironforge, as well as yourself, and it can be done solo.

To start off you of course need to get a vehicle mount, and go to the same place in Ironforge where you used to use the Polymorph/Blind trick to get past the wall.
Once there, position yourself like this:

Once in this position, you can just ‘dismount’ and you should fall through the wall and land in Old Ironforge, about here:

To get other players to Old Ironforge you need to have them jump up on your mount.
To make this easier, you can nudge your mount forward from the wall, have them jump on, and back up again. Once you back up they should be dismounted automatically.
If you fail the first time, try again, it can be a tad tricky.

This method also works using the door in the throne room.
First, you need to mount up around here:

Then you need to back up, and turn your mounts side towards the door.
When you dismount you should be on the other side of the door.
I have not tested to get other players through at this place, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Just as a little bonus, here is a tiny Traveler’s Mammoth:

This is attained through using growing effects (such as potions and heroism),
and then mount on your vehicle mount and have someone throw a Baby Spice at your mount (important they target the mount, and not you).

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