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YAWR! Yet Another WoW Radar:
public release V2 for World of Warcraft Version 3.0.3 Build 9183
created by run32.dll

completly rewritten, *SHOULD* be 100% stable now.

1. Open ‘yawrconf.ini’ with a texteditor and check the path and language of your wow-installation.
The lines ‘SET wowdir’ and ‘SET language’ MUST be correct or else YAWR! will not find your MPQ-files.
2. Start World of Warcraft Version 3.0.3 Build 9183
3. Start YAWR!

-> *NEW YAWR! can read MPQ-files
-> *NEW YAWR! can read BLP2-files from harddisc or MPQ-archives (except RAW-farmat)
-> *NEW YAWR! supports DXT1/DXT1a/DXT3/DXT5 texturecompression to keep the memory usage low
-> *NEW YAWR! will now show minimap-textures for the following zones:
-> Azeroth
-> Kalimdor
-> Outlands
-> Northrend
-> Alterac Valley
-> OpenGL Rendering
-> read and show Unitobjects, Playerobjects and Gameobjects

left click & hold -> move window
Escape -> exit, the window must focus
Control & R -> toggle rotation on/off, default = on
Control & H -> toggle show unknown objects on/off, default = off/hidden
Control & Numpad 3 -> toggle use quadunits/pointunits, default = quad
Control & Numpad 4 -> toggle use quadplayers/pointplayers, default = quad
Control & L -> change FPS-limit, 5fps-60fps in steps of five, default 20fps
Control & Numpad / -> change quadsize
Control & Numpad + -> zoom in
Control & Numpad – -> zoom out
Control & Numpad * -> toggle extreme zoom
Control & T -> toggle YAWR! to be the topmost window

white -> you
red -> enemy player
purple -> your target
green -> Units (mobs or NPCs)
light blue -> other players
dark blue -> gameobjects (in pointmode only if ‘show unknown objects’ is enabled)

unable to open WoW-process?
-> World of Warcraft must be started!
-> If you’re using Windows Vista right click on YAWR and choose “Run as…” or
“Run as administrator”.

can’t see anything?
-> increase your colordepth to 32Bit

-> hint: rename the YAWR!-executable-file to something random like “q8vx34lm.exe”
-> YAWR! works out-of-process, YAWR! does not inject or modify memory

-> the radar will show “wrong” herbs sometimes (because they are filtered by displayid)
-> fonts are unfinished in this release and wont work correct


Virustotal. MD5: c23f46daf9ff74c69acb01d12d25ba0d


Configured for wowdir=C:\World of Warcraft\ and language=enUS by default
YAWR! 3.0.3 V2.rar
YAWR! 3.0.3 V2.rar

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