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What it does.
Reads from memory until it finds the bobber, then just move the mouse around til it hovers over the bobber, it will move around a bit after it finds the bobber to find the “center point” of the bobber.

Then it just waits until the fish is hooked.
When the fish is hooked the waits for 100 – 300ms befor clicking.
Waits another 2 – 3 seconds befor casting fishing again and then waits another 2 – 3 seconds for the bobber to spawn properly.

then it repets the process with a twist.
it checks the distance from the last bobber to see if it should scan upwards or downwards on the screen, this will make it find the bobber faster.

How to use:
To start fishing, simply just walk to your fishing area and press your fishing key (it will automaticly detect what key you pressed to fish, it only scans key 1 – 9)
to stop it, just start walking or turn away from the water.
It does not equip your pole or lure, and you need to have auto-loot enabled.

I kinda lost the source for it so i cant really fix anything (like the spelling mistake I noticed )

Pros n’ Con’s
[P]More accurate then the pixelsearching counterparts.
[P]Doesn’t Inject anything into memory (It only reads)
[C]doesn’t work in “background”.
[C]not as fast as just injecting object->interact.

Download -> Send big files the easy way. Files too large for email attachments? No problem!
Virus scan -> Virustotal. MD5: 54e81b97b04932387444ba6c8807f57f W32/Autorun.worm.zf.gen Trojan.Win32.StartPage.deb <- curse you autoit

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