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WoW ObjectDumper/Radar [for WoW 3.0.3]

Update! v1.1 Released. Check release notes for more information.



– Display all WoW objects, NPCs, Mobs and players on radar.
– Show aggro radius of NPCs, (quite accurate from my tests, formula courtesy of alek900)
– Ability to track a certain object (great for tracking rare mobs/resources):

Object Dumper:

-Dump all objects loaded into WoW’s memory.
-Show items stored in your bank, regardless of where you are in the game!*

*In the item dump window, scroll down to the bottom, and you will see a number of items listed as Container: Equipped/Banked/Backpack. The program can’t work out which one it is, but bank items are always displayed last, and if in doubt it is easy to check whether the item is in your first backpack or equipped.

More Screenshots:

Dump of nearby NPCs:

Notification: found object!


You need .NET framework 3.5 to run this, most will already have it, but if you get an error download:…displaylang=en

Cypher – Offsets and answering various question + many an entertaining flame.
Shynd – Blog, and answering questions.
kynox – g_ClientConnection discovery, various other things.
alek900 – Aggro radius formula.

Virus Scan:

-Known issues:
– If WoW is not logged in when the program is started it will crash.

Release information:

[5/1/09]: v1.0 Initial Release

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