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As most of you JCs know, there is a daily quest in Dalaran for Jewelcrafters of level 375+. Doing this Daily awards you +1 Dalaran Jewelcrafting Token, these can be used to buy a Dragon’s Eye (only cost one token) which range from 300-350g on my server.

I highly suggest making one of your level 60+ alts a 375 JC, or atleast to start doing the daily on your JC if you dont already.

For those thinking (Leveling 1-60 then paying for 1-375 JC sounds like allot of work…) Just use your Failknight blizz provided you, and 1-375 JC only costs about 1k gold on my server, and at 300g / day from just that daily (not including the tips you can get from others if you actually use the proffesion) definately pays off the time and gold it takes to level your JC.

I do this daily every day and it takes litteraly 10 minutes, and pays all my repairs and pots and flask troubles alone. I also suggest looking into the Titansteel Bar business if your interested in the bigger bucks $.$ in Dalaran is the quest giver, He gives I think 12 different dailies, but it’s usually the same one for a few days impe 😛

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