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Version 1.0
By =sinister=

I created this for learning purposes, but I thought it would be cool to share with everyone here.
It is a travel bot that reads from the WoW Memory.
I made this about 2 days ago, so it might be buggy still, but they are all fixed for the most part.
I am not the one responsible for the pointers, so expect updates, but they might be slow.
If anyone wants to teach me, i’m all ears, but i’m busy so I won’t have much time to look into it by myself.
Please leave feedback!!

Made in AutoIt
That explains the false-positive

Almost forgot! Hotkeys:
F2 – Save Waypoint (Must load or create a profile first)
F3 – Start/Stop bot
F4 – Emergency Exit

Use Mouse for Rotation – Uses Mouse instead of Keys. DOES NOT WORK IN BACKGROUND MODE IF CHECKED
Stop On Last Waypoint – Stops on the last waypoint. If not, it will go in a circle
Waypoint Distance – How far away from the next waypoint to get to. Too low will bug, too high will bug.
Rotation Offset – When you rotate with keys, it will not always be exact. Set this number to correct it from moving right and left alot. Should be around 9-16.

ToDo/Upcoming Features:
-Rootkit (Already made, awaiting more feedback)
-WoW Map Coords to WoW Coord Converter
-Random Process Renaming
-More features (Please leave feedback)

Known Bugs:
-The “Cannot Open Memory” message box does not appear when WoW Is not open (Only when source is obfuscated, wtf??). Shouldn’t be a problem unless your OCD, i’ll fix in next version
-I’m too cool. Nothing I can do, sorry.

Virus Scan
Virustotal. MD5: cedbf528ccc408d8499f6963d5cfa2b7 Trojan.Win32.StartPage.deb


-Malu05 (Unkowned I think)
-AutoIt Dev Team (And Jon)
-Cypher, cuz hes cool.

(Yes the name and icon of this program comes from another program unrelated to WoW.. hehehe…)


Settings Panel-

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