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I am a tauren and have not yet tested if this works on other races, I’d assume that it works only on tauren and maybe Draenei but I can’t be sure. If anyone happens to try and finds out any useful info please let us know here in this thread. Onto the actual exploit…

So I am sure many if not most of you are aware of the new mammoth mounts that are widely available through various methods in game. Basically:
1. Obtain one of those mounts ( Doesn’t have to be the traveler tundra one, can be any mammoth).
2. Que for EotS
3. When EotS pops, you make sure to mount up on your mammoth and proceed to accept the que while mounted on your mammoth
4. You will enter the bg and find your character is mounted on his/her mammoth. Beginning jumping forward or backward and you will jump out of and on top of the buble in about 3-5 jumps.
5. BAM you are out of the bubble

Now if you try to jump off the rock it ports you up but maybe this can help by giving a slight edge that you are a few feet in front of everyoen else? If anythign it’s good for laughs too and it sure isn’t workign as intended hehe.

Here’s soem screenshots

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