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  2. Great Video Guide: "How to Level Your World of Warcraft Character Solo From Level 1 to 90 The FASTEST Way Possible?"

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Here Are A Few Of The Things You Get In Gavin Garrett’s Leveling Guide:•

• In-Game Mod – This makes the guide worth more than the price all by itself. You’ll never have to alt-tab to look at some other page or print out a guide again.
• Floating Way-point Arrow – The arrow points you to the precise location you need to go next. You never have to run around looking for a single mob or NPC ever again.
• Back Doors – I did every quest so many times that I can show you paths and ways to get to many locations that will help you avoid dozens of mobs so you can grab the quest item or named mob in record time.
• Fastest Quest Order – It’s one thing to do a guide with a bunch of quests, but there has never been a guide that can lead you through hundreds of quests in the most efficient order possible.
• Traveling Strategies – I’ve even included my unique hearthstone points so that you can cut down on a ton of travel time. This one set of things can shave hours off your time to 80.
• Class Quests – The guide even ‘reads’ your toon class and rockets you through every class quest you really need to do, and skips the ones you don’t
• Quest Tips and Tricks – Every single step has the very best tips I use to complete each quest in record time. Just mouseover the step to see what I do to Dominate every single one.
• All The Way To 80 – As bad as some of the other guides are when it comes to old content just to 70 – can you really believe that they will be worth anything for the new 70-80 content? Gavin’s Leveling guide will take you from 70-80 in the same Dominating way it took you from 1-70.
This beauty is that this is not just a leveling guide; It’s an in-game personal tutorial that will guide you all the way through the game so you can completely Dominate in /played time. With this guide by your side, it won’t matter how many other people on your server are vying for the fastest time to 80 – you’ll constantly be one step ahead of them.

Gavin’s Guide Shows You:

• Every quest you should accept, and every one you shouldn’t; you will never waste time on low drop rates again.
• When to run to a new zone and ditch the last few things in your current zone. Don’t spend four hours finishing up a zone when you can get more experience in one hour by moving on.
• How to navigate the enormous Northrend zones. Northrend zones are massive, Gavin’s guide will have you clearing them in record time with no wasted traveling.
• How to beat the hardest quests in WotLK. I’ll show you back-doors, hard-to-find quest hubs, and strategies for soloing 2 player quests that will get you even more xp per hour and some awesome blue quest reward items to rocket you past the competition.

Gavins 1-80 horde guide.rar

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