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The above screenshot is the extended view of the Fisher.

General use
You should start off by selecting the correct process ID in the top left corner. If there are no process ID’s available you should press the Reset button – make sure wow is active and logged in though – Once you get a message saying the Fisher is ready for use you can press the Start Fishing button to start fishing with the basic settings.


  • Make sure you have a fishing pole equipped when using CastSpellByID (Injection)

Useful macro’s: (You could write a macro, place it on 1 then use the PostMessage method with VK_1)
Loot BoP items with this line:



General Fishing:


/equip yourFishingPole
/use yourBait
/use yourFishingPole
/cast Fishing

General Settings
Casting Method: Here you can choose how the Fisher should cast the fishing pole, you can pick between either an Injection method (CastSpellByID) or some kind of KeySend method (PostMessage). You can customize further by selecting the appropriate spell in the other dropbox. Currently you can pick between every Fishing spell (journeyman to grand master) and several normal keys (0-9 and numpad0). If Extended Event Information is enabled you’ll see realtime changes in the Fishing Log.
Maximum Casts: The maximum number of casts before self-terminating. This value can be checked realtime in the Fishing Status box.
Maximum Fails: The maximum number of failed casts before self-terminating. This value can be checked realtime in the Fishing Status box.
Human AI: Disabled and not included in this release, to bad for you
Jump at intervals: Check this to do random jumps between casts, the percentage of this function is 30%. This is always enabled when you use Injection.
Randomize Casts: Adds a human element by sometimes waiting between casts, the percentage of this function is 10%.


  • Memory-based (Bot can run while minimized)
  • Human simulation (Random casting/looting & jumping)
  • Supports multiple instances of WoW, bot more accounts at the same time!
  • It has a Spyro GUI, what more can you wish for damnit

Big thanks to Shynd and Cypher for their awesome work, it wouldn’t have been possible without them.

Download link
3.0.3 :…db6fb9a8902bda
Important note: this fisher requires .NET Framework 3.5 (Go google)

Small view

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