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Ok, after using keyclone for a while I decided to switch to Lavishsoft’s InnerSpace and try that for a while, to see if it was any better. Let me tell you now, it’s absolutely amazing, so I decided to write a guide on how to use it

Please note that I have used this on my LIVE RETAIL ACCOUNTS, not trial accounts! Therefore if Blizzard were going to ban me, I assume it would have happened by now.

Step 1, Installing InnerSpace

Firstly you need to install InnerSpace, to do this log in to your Lavishsoft account at Lavish Software and select ‘Inner Space’. Then, click Download Now. (NOTE: InnerSpace requires a GamingTools Pro subscription, which costs money. It is either $10 for 3 months or $36 for a year. [I think]).

Download Now – Picture

You can save the installer anywhere you like. Once it is downloaded, run it, and install Inner Space. Once you have installed Inner Space, look on your desktop for an icon like this:

Double-Click it, and you should see a login box. Enter your Login Details and let Inner Space patch itself.(NOTE: You may need to be an Administrator to do this, I’m not certain.) Once it has patched, there should be the Innerspace Icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen, in the taskbar. Right-click it, and try launching World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft should now be open, and the window should be renamed to ‘is1 (CTRL+ALT+1). If it is, then look in the top-left corner of your game screen. If there is some white text, with info about your FPS then Inner Space is functioning properly, and is now patched. Move on to the next step 🙂

Step 2a, Downloading the scripts needed.

Ok, now that you have Inner Space installed, you need to download and install the following things:

WindowSnapper – Download Wiki
Repeater – Download Wiki

Step 2b, Installing the scripts needed.

Now that they are downloaded, navigate to your Inner Space installation folder, usually C:\Program Files\InnerSpace. It should look something like this:

User Media – TinyPic – Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting

The folder we are interested in at the moment is THIS one:

User Media – TinyPic – Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting

Use a program such as WinRAR (WinRAR archiver, a powerful tool to process RAR and ZIP files) to extract the files to your InnerSpace/Scripts folder, this should be Repeater.iss and WindowSnapper.iss

Once those are installed, check they work by running 2 copies of WoW with InnerSpace, and once they are open, press this key:

This should bring up the Inner Space console, which looks like this:

User Media – TinyPic – Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting

In the console, type the following:


run windowsnapper

Switch to the IS2 window, you should notice something immediately. Type the same command into the IS2 console. Now try clicking on the smaller version of the WoW window 🙂

Congratulations! You just got WindowSnapper working. Now to check repeater works:

Switch back to the IS1 window. Open the console again, but this time type


run repeater

and then


repeater mouseon

then, switch to IS2 and do run repeater again, and try clicking ‘Login’ in the IS1 window. Observe that the same thing has happened to the IS2 window. If it has, congrats, repeater now works! You can also convince repeater to pass on keystrokes with the command


repeater keyon

and again, observe what happens. [IMPORTANT NOTE: This is very, VERY basic use of these scripts! For more info on them, check the Wiki links above!

Step 2c, Installing ClickBoxer

ClickBoxer is the bread and butter of IS Multiboxing. The reason it was not linked with the above tools is because it has to be installed in a different way, as it is not a script. You can download ClickBoxer from

ClickBoxer – Lavish Software Wiki

however you’re probably going to have to read on a bit more to understand HOW to install it.

If you’re like me, the sort of person that tries to dive into things headfirst without reading, then chances are you will almost instantly become stuck at this section, however, it’s really quite simple.

Open NotePad, and copy/paste one of the wall-of-text style XML sheets there is on the wiki page. Save this to C:\Program Files\InnerSpace\Interface under the name ‘ClickBoxer.XML’. Then, go to the IS1 window, and in the console type


ui -load ClickBoxer

and the ClickBoxer window should appear. Now you’re probably getting eager to go and multi-box, however you’re going to have to wait a little longer yet. 😛

Step 2d, Customising ClickBoxer

While the ClickBoxer window is there, you need to customise it for your own characters. You can do this by opening the XML file you created earlier, and changing the values there – now it’s kind of self explanatory, but I’ll go over the basics anyway.

User Media – TinyPic – Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting

The above screenshot explains what editing the different <text> sections in the XML will change on ClickBoxer. There is also one highlighted in red, and this above everything else is quite possibly the most important section of the XML.

When editing the buttons, the section of code that reads


            relay all press q

For example, is the section that controls what the button does. I could make it so that all my characters would cast Fireball by pressing the ‘2’ key by changing it to:


relay all press 2

Simularly, I could make my characters buff themself with Frost Armor by changing it to


relay all press 3

However, say I want to establish some form of assist system? I personally go about this by making a macro and placing it on the BottomLeft Actionbar 1 slot, with the keybinding ‘alt+s’. The macro contains:


/target <my character name>

which basically means that the character with that macro will target MY character and then target their target. I only have this macro on the characters I’m multiboxing. This means I can set up ClickBoxer like this:


            relay all "press alt+s;press 2"

This makes every character attack the same target at the same time with Fireball. Notice how I placed Speech Marks around the two press commands – this is needed if you are using more than 1 command.

I can also use crowd control, by using a button such as this:


<button name='is2 Poly'>
            <Text>is2 Poly</Text>
            relay is2 "press alt+s;press 5"

This makes the character running InnerSpace Session 2 get is1’s target, and then press key 5. Meanwhile, is1 does nothing. Therefore I can effectively polymorph 2 targets

This is one of the main things I like about IS Multiboxing, you can choose WHICH window does what, instead of having EVERY window do whatever you say.

Now that you have hopefully customised your ClickBoxer.XML, you can load it back into the is1 window. However THIS time, because it is already loaded, you use this command:


ui -reload ClickBoxer

and it should reload with your new XML file.

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