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So I’ve been leveling my mage I started out in borean tundra did all the quests there then I hoped over to howling fjord anyways I got deep in the quests and theres alot of quests labeled around the small area runedwarfes and shit and runedgaints well since im rested i get double xp woot and i was killing the runegaints that are about lvl 71 elites with 26k health i down them in about 30 secs at level 73 so i was making 5k a kill and theres alot of these mobs all around the area so i stayed farming that area for a while and i concluded it was actually faster then questing because 4 kills = 20k exp if your rested about 10k exp if your not rested so a potential glider spot i recommend doing this with a ranged dps class maybe a dk dont know but if you get hit by one of these mobs you get a debuff for 6 secs dealing out like 1k health each 1-2 secs so that sucks and they hit ****ing hard on a clothie anyways heres some pics of where the area is enjoy and thank you for reading :edit: also within this same area there are plenty of quests you can complete while farming the gaints at the same so you dont have much downtime when they are respawning

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