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All credits for this go to Krypton, as always AutoIT programs will give you a false positive in virus scans, check scan at the end:


Hey all, I wanted to make a small simple program, It started off as just a private program because I got tired of spamming multiple

spells with my Blood elf Paladin, So, I made a “lite” Version of an Auto caster, But since I learned a few different AutoIT functions

making it that are useful in other projects like programs that support Opening/Writing/Reading Config.ini files. So I decided to put a

little more time into the project and release it as a Open-Source learning project! Ive had a few PM’s with question on how to do a few

things in AutoIT and how to set them up. Well for those of you new to AutoIT this is a perfect openSource project for you to look over!

It casts spells down to the Milli-Second of the global cool down which casts spells about 3 times faster than you can do it with your

fingers! Although it doesnt support packets or memory reading yet because this is the “lite” version it does support Config.ini files so

you can save your settings. Also, it has a built in “GUI_SKIN” Which the #include is in the .rar with the source, But you can find the

XSkin.au3 on the AutoIT forums Here: Skin your GUI and Buttons! So ENjoy this project and Feel Free to Edit/Use the Script in your own projects. All I ask is that you credit me if you do use any of my code

Edit: no more green , and added spaces


///////////////////////// AutoITV3 BETA-/////////////////////////////////////////|
//  Author: Krypton88@MMOWNED and Owner of|
//  Program: World Of WarCraft Auto-Caster (Fully Customizable)//////////////////|
//  Version: 1.0 ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////|
//  Type: OPEN SOURCE!///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////|
//  Notes: Thanks for downloading! This is a Small Project that I made on my/////|
// Free time! I originally made it for a small simple private program cuz ///////|
// I was sick of spamming spells, So I made a Fully Customizable program/////////|
// that casts spells Down to the Milli-Second of the global Cool-down! //////////|
// Meaning this program spams spells and buff's 3 times as fast as your hands!///|
// Making this very usful for grinding PLUS MORE EXP! and good for duels!////////|
// The faster you can cast spells the faster you can win right? /////////////////|
// Have Fun with it and Edit the Script if you want, Just respect me as//////////|
// the author and Credit me if you use this source on one of your projects :)////|
// Enjoy -Krypton88//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////|

The .EXE with Config Files etc, can be downloaded here(if ya want to try it out):…AutoCaster.rar <————Fixed

Source Code:

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