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This is a nice farming spot in icecrown, you can literally kill about 25 mobs every minute. Its already being camped by farmers qq but not many people know about it.

each mob drops about 35 silver and I’d say every 2.5 pulls you get a full 20 stack of frostweave. On my server frostweave sells for about 28g, so this equals about 8-12 gold per pull.

So lets be realistic you do 5 pulls every 10 minutes or 30 pulls every hour.

30 pulls = approx 250g in silver and 335 gold in frostweave= 580g/hour

Thats a decent amount per hour if you can keep pulling fast. If you have a second class to heal and loot you could easily make over 600g per hour.

They respawn so fast that its actually hard too loot in time sometimes but doable just loot fast.

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