First - WoW Exploit Community 2012 recommendations!

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It’s surprisingly extremely versatile as far as auto it bots go. I fired it up on my 75 Warlock and barely did any setup and it was almost on-par with glider elite (IMO)

It’s still a work in progress though.



WoW-Fly By AnoN

Files : Readme.txt (Duh), WoW-Fly.EXE, WoW-Flyconfig.dll

-Start The Game

-Run The Exe

-Hotkeys are as follows

Esc = Terminate
F2 = Run
F4 = Save Waypoint (alive)
F5 = Save Waypoint (dead)

~There are some bugs; Remember, if the bot ‘stalls’ and no GUI comes up within 15-30 seconds,

then just close it in task manager, wait 5-10 seconds, then try it again.

You must save the waypoints first and then run the bot and it will “hover” around these waypoints
and attack players/mobs for you, Full class functionality built in.

Link :

I checked with Jotti and it came 100% clean, but i still encourage you to scan it.

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