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So you want to Power your friends’ character through an instance?

I’m sure most of you have heard of “Tapping.” For those who haven’t, it’s simply where someone who isn’t in your group attacks a mob first, and then you help kill it. The more damage the person who “tapped” the mob does, the more experience they get. They also receive all loot while you receive nothing.

So, how can we take advantage of this? With a death knight of course!

1: Talents
2: Gear
3: Method/Spells
4: Tips

1: To begin, let’s look at talent points. 00000
^This is a base template I have designed.^
I started doing this at level 69 in Scarlet Monastery, Cathedral. I tested things out, and its completely doable with whatever spec you want to use, really. I just found this spec a LOT easier to manage damage, and thus faster.

If your sole purpose is to boost someone through instances for a while, then I suggest you spec something of this nature. Going down the trees in whichever order you see fit, but keep in mind we are building for surviving, preferably without having to attack.

The most notable talents we will be getting from trees are as follows: Blood/ Blade Barrier, Rune Tap, Improved Rune Tap, Veteran of the Third War, Mark of Blood. For Frost/ Toughness, Improved Icy Touch, Lichborne, Frigid Dreadplate. For Unholy/ Anticipation, Morbidity, Epidemic, Shadow of Death

I personally have 0 experience with the blood tree, so that’s all theory for me. I figure rune tap will be nice for oh crap moments, Veteran of the Third War for increased over all health and Mark of Blood just to keep your health up while you’re pulling – decreasing downtime.

Lichborne is GREAT for when you overpull, Morbidity – as Death and Decay is going to be your main attack, and Shadow of Death for the stam and just in case you kick the bucket, you still have a chance of saving your PL pal.

2: Basically for gear, you want to have anything for defense you got, and DUAL WIELD with two Rune of Swordbreaking. You get 4% extra parry, and if things really get hairy your 100% reduced disarm duration will help things along. Stamina is your friend when you’re tanking, obviously. Not really much else to say in this section.

3: Okay so now for the method! Basically, you run around and aggro everything WITHOUT DAMAGING IT. This is CRUCIAL. Now you got so many mobs rounded up and you know you can take them beating on you – at least, for a little bit. The Glyph for Icebound Fortitude is nice here.
So you’re standing there. Now what? Well hopefully you made this macro!

/uninvite Furrow
/invite Furrow

Obviously you’ll replace my name with the name of your powerlevel friend.

Now for this to really work well, your PL friend needs to have an area of effect damaging spell. Works especially well with paladins/mages/warlocks.

So you hit your macro, and first thing you do is get your death and decay skill ready to fire! DO NOT cast it yet, just the little green circle is what we want. Now your PL friend does his aoe attack. The second you see his graphic for his attack go off, cast death and decay on the mob.


Even if all the mobs are not dead yet, you can always make up lost experience. You can’t make up lost time.

From here on out is smooth sailing. Your PL friend needs to do as much aoe damage as he can possibly do. At the same time, you can either let him just sit there and kill the mobs, or you can do your own aoe attacks.
While he will get more experience per mob if the first way is done, you can clear mobs much much faster if you do the second way, so I suggest it.

4: Icy Touch + Pestilence after you establish the pull can really save your health.
For boosting a mage, you can start out with simply Frost Nova. Keeps the mobs from completely owning the mage cause they are rooted. Also, Frostbite + Improved Blizzard makes things even easier.
For a paladin, Consecration + a bubble, really hard to lose the paladin with that combination.

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