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This is very helpful, Glider programs can be found all over the web but Glider is not a free bot. ZoloFighter is, now you can install ZoloFighter and use the profile converter to run Glider profiles (some of these are outstanding!) to level or farm or whatever you like. This means you can now pay nothing and have a flawless 1-80 leveling bot in about 1 minute. Some good profiles at the bottom, you can also google and find many more to suit your needs.

Zolofighter –
The Virus Scan (Not a download) –
Glider to ZF Profile Convertor – Profile Convertor.rar (Mediafire automatically scans all files for any chance of Virus’s)
ZoloFighter Tutorial Index – ZoloFighter Tutorial Index

Location for good glider profiles:

1-80 Glider profile pack

Flawless 1-60 Glider profile pack

1-70 Alliance Glider profile

HUGE Glider profile pack

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