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so lets start of about tiger boss (Thekal) in zg.

As a DK (Unholy) With 6 nax epics I’ve soloed him three times now, it sure would be easier with a healer but hell its doable.
Only hard part is to make sure all 3 “bosses” go down at the same time, so therefor ill explain how to keep you’re self up while doing this.
Start of killing his tigers d’oh 9k hp nothing special.
Then Icy touch – plague strike on the girl npc then pestilence to spread the diseases. Now just keep diseases up on everyone use D&D / unholy blight and keep death striking them to get health, also remember have 1 frost rune up just incase the female NPC does greater heal if so use Mind freeze on her. It’s actully not so easy, make sure all of them go down within 10secs of each other then thekal will spawn as a tiger with 133k hp. Not too bad just disease him and deathstrike til he dies. The fight took me about 2 wipes to get straight “/. And when he dies cross fingers for tiger mount!!!

Onyxia (170-190g + epics)
This boss IS Really easy to solo imo, and yes I know it was possible to do back in 70 and stuffs but DK’s didnt exist by then hehe. She has 1099k hp which sounds quite much but takes 10-15min depending on you’r gear.
Phase 1: Just spank her ass, keep urself up with death strike
Phase 2: She goes into a flying mode and many whelps will spawn, this is actully the only hard part of the fight. keep running under her stomach and hit her with diseases , death strike and when many whelps are attacking you use pestilence at onyxia so diseases will spread, also use unholy blight if you are unholy specced. Then just keep doing that + death strike until she lands.
Phase 3: Just like phase 1 just keep in mind she will fear u , hit a bit harder and the cracks on the ground will spit flame.
when she dies enjoy 200g for hardly any effort (quicker than getting 200g out of dailys any day)

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