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Clear guide on how to solo ramparts without using any hacks or programs, can be done by only rogues, need to be 70+.

1st off, zone into a fresh instance and kill the first two mobs.

2nd, kill the mob that pats the bridge, can be seen through stealth so needs to be killed to get past.

3rd. Sneak up to the platform where the chest is (It’s the second and final one in the instance for refrence) and prepare to pull dogs.

4th, Pull the dogs from maximum range (where I am standing in picture 3) and turn around to run down back twards the entrance of Ramparts, but don’t jump down, instead run/jump into this little space, if done correctly, the mobs will bug out and start running back to the entrance.

5th. Wait about 45ish seconds and then jump out of the space, and run for the chest, beware of the patrol that is usually up there, if you find you may not have enough time to loot the chest without the patrol getting to you, stay in the space. Vanish when you reach the chest, loot, and enjoy the greens/blues, the 5g and the 2 or so pots that are in there, and reset!

Thanks and enjoy!

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