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Here is a foolproof way to get [Time-lost proto-Drake].

Note, this can be very very time demanding even if you do it in this way which eases it up alot, before you start this project i suggest you make sure you have the time needed to go thorugh with it. Also you may post this guide on another forum but make sure you give credit to the one who made this guide (me ^3^).

Note 2, this is not legal, i might have posted this in the wrong section but if i did i kindly ask a mod to move it to wow exploits, bots etc.

[WARNING] Dont have sounds settings too loud while you are using this macro or you might damage your ears, i’m serious, it is a very high pitched sound.

If you use this guide you will, eventually get the mount, the problem is that the spawntimer is extremely random, different sources come to the conclusion that it is about 1~8 days, i personally camped the place for over 100 hours before i got mine. The mount itself drops from a dragon, flying at different heights above the ground in storm peaks, the dragon has a 100% droprate on the mount, if you find the dragon the mount is yours!

According to gm’s there are 3 different spawnplaces, i know one of the for sure. I and others have seen it spawn there and this spot also is a place where one or more of the dragon’s patrol routes go so chances are pretty big that you will get it before anyone else. I personally have seen the dragon alive 2 times, and got it once, this guide works.

Buy a stack of Snowfall Lager, this will make sure that you dont die as you pull the mob as it can fly of altitudes of up to 60 yards.

You will need a number of addons and macros for this. Download the following.

Step 1:
Download Autohotkey and install anywhere, [100% virus free] not my program, its free aswell and many people probably used this for 2boxin.

Step 2:
Download my the necessary macros, saved in a rar file from any of the mirrors.

If the mirrors are broken, please tell me so, i havent got a premium account on any upl but ill try my best to keep links working.

Now, in your rar file you will see 3 files, there are no executables or anything that can be a virus in there, you can scan, check the source, just edit it in notepad or whatever, its 100% safe.

First thing you need to do is to log on wow, type /m and make a new macro, name it whatever you like, protodrake or whaetever. Now, open the file called wowmacro.txt, copy the text and paste into the macro in wow. Then you replace the text YOURNAMEHERE with your ingame name for example kungen would type kungen there. What you need to do next is place your macro on the – button on your main actionbar. Then youre done with this part.

This is the macro that people use for doing this manually, the fly around in storm peaks and click this macro, if they come close to the proto-drake the macro will whisper Time-Lost Proto-Drake to whoever’s name you put in the YOURNAMEHERE place. What we are going to do is to automate this clicking and tweak the sound that you get from a whisper to give you the advantage over others.

This is what your macro should look like if your ingame name is izumixx

Next step in this guide is to tweak your sound when you get a whisper. Extract the file called WhisperSound.rar into your interface/addons folder and log on wow, you might need to click load out of date addons. When you log on, try whispering yourself, if everything is right you should hear an intense sound.

Step 3 is to run the file Hotkeymacro by izumi.ahk, this requires you to have Autohotkey installed. To enable the macro, press windowsbutton, (the button with a windows icon between left ctrl and left alt) and your 1 button simultaneously. To test if everything works properly.
Target a random mob.

This is whats supposed to happen.
Your chat will be filled with whispers from yourself to yourself with the target’s name in it. You will hear a stacking high pitched sound, you should not lag if you have a decent computer. if you dont hear any sound, try enabling sounds in wow. there is however no need to enable sound EFFECTS.

The autohotkey should run continously, for a long time. if you notice that it stops running, add an extra 0 to the long number “1000000” in the macro file.

If you dont want your whispers to other people filled with ——h–e–l—l–o simply pause the macro in the taskbar far right, low where your messenger, windows clock etc is.

Now to the most important thing. The positioning. You can stand anywhere on this dragon’s patrolroute but chances are highest if you stand close to a spawnpoint. i will show you the spot where i stood and camped. I suggest you do the same but if you want you can stand on these locations, they might work fine aswell. (coords 35;66).

These pictures are where i stood, coords are 42;58, there are blue dragons in the area, with proper positioning they will not start attacking you.


Judging from these pictures i hope that you can get a decent idea of altitude etc.

This guide will give you the advantage of everyone else, you can have it on while you watch tv, read a book, sleep or eat. just crank that volume up with your speakers and i assure you, you will notice if you target something.
This guide requires a great deal of effort to work, many of the people who try it will give up without a drake, endurance is the key to getting this very rare and truly epic mount.

This is not legal, you might get banned for it. however there is very little proof if you do it correctly, i suggest you make a macro which contains /afk and press if after you’ve started your ahk macro. if a GM messages you you will hear it.

Tip: if people message you you will hear the sound, HOWEVER the sound will not be as persistent as if you target something. i suggest you download Spammenot and ignore anyone who is not lvl 80, i also think that there is an option that only allows players on your friend list/guild to whisper you.

That is all, i hope i helped someone at least, and if you have doubt that this guide works… Ive seen the dragon twice and i know for a fact that it works, it just takes alooooot of patience

9 Comments so far »

  1. by Mazplaz, on July 2 2009 @ 7:20 am


    The mirror1 doesn’t work

  2. by dynedistorted, on July 20 2009 @ 8:57 am


    This is a decent guide, I’ve seen it used by a couple of different people but these days with all the info known about the Time-Lost Proto Drake there are many addons that make all of what is described here automated and much easier to do. I use 4 addons for when I camped my Drake for 1 week and 4 days straight (in Bors Breath Valley almost exactly where the guy found it in the youtube video “I fail to kill putridus and time lost proto drake” or w/e)…the 2 addons I would say are a MUST and are the best imo are Rare Spawn Overlay and ESN_Rare…Also you can download NPCscan and Silverdragon to make your life a little bit easier. Download those 4 rare spawn addons and camp a spot waiting for the Drake and you won’t have to go through anything he has just described here. Good Luck! Don’t lose hope because I went 14 hours straight finding Vyragosa twice and Dirkee twice and never seeing Time-Lost…then finally one morning after a fail raid I thought I’d go camp my spot in Bors Breath for a little bit and lo and behold literally 30 minutes of camping go by and NPCscanner and ESN_Rare Flip their **** and find..TIME LOST PROTO DRAKE! Killed it on a non epic mount too because I didn’t have Epic flying at the time.

  3. by Neosis, on August 1 2009 @ 11:40 pm


    The better script to use would be the following. This script allows you to turn the autokey on and off.

    stop = 1
    If stop = 0
    Send, –
    Sleep, 100

    If stop = 0
    stop = 1
    If stop = 1
    stop = 0

  4. by Xedilian, on August 7 2009 @ 7:26 am


    /target time
    /target vyragosa
    /target dirkee
    /stopmacro [noexists]
    That is the real macro you f****ng Scamer.
    it works 100% the best time to find the mount is fight on a server restart because the rare spawns all Spawn.

  5. by neosis, on August 12 2009 @ 3:33 pm


    I guess your puny mind cant grasp what I posted… The script that I wrote is for autokey, not the macro tard. That is the macro that I use.

  6. by wickedmon, on November 9 2009 @ 1:57 pm


    Hello…I followed all of your steps…But Step 3 doesn’t work.If i press windowsbutton+1 nothing happens…I use vista by the way!

  7. by George, on December 20 2009 @ 8:51 pm


    Hello, I followed all ur steps and step 3 doesnt work, windows key + 1 doesnt work, nothing happends, Btw i use Windows 7 xD ty

  8. by Spitt, on December 23 2009 @ 3:02 pm


    Some idiots think this info is up to date 😐

  9. by Blink, on February 15 2010 @ 6:25 pm


    ty , i got it following ur stepz :p

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