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Pimp My Latency is a program designed for lowering your latency while playing Massive Multiplayer Online games, especially the World of Warcraft.



  • .NET Framework 2.0 Download
  • A Virtual Private Server account. See how to get a yourself a VPS Account

How it works?

The idea is simple. Your ISP and/or your connection may be laggy. With Pimp My Latency instead we redirect our traffic to a VPS Account which we do have a lower-latency connection and preferably near to your World of Warcraft Realm.

How secure is the program?

This program is public property and all sources are released as well as the underlying tools sources are also open. You can check the latest sources any time here.
This program is not any kind of keylogger/software/trojan. If we wanted it to be, then it’d be NOT OPEN SOURCE.
If you’re not convinced enough and think that binaries may differ from the published sources then download the .NET Reflector and reverse the binaries yourself and check the code.
Also the program is checked with my popular virus programs and all returned clean. You’re also welcome to run the virus scan tests yourself.


  • Find your World of Warcraft Realm’s location. Realm Locations
  • Find a near VPS provider to your realm and get yourself a VPS Account.
  • Ensure that your new VPS Box runs OpenSSH server.
  • Download .NET Framework 2.0 Download
  • Download latest Pimp My Latency setup.
  • Install & Run the program and configure it.


See the configuration page.

The program supports all VPS/Dedicated server providers and even the direct WOW Tunnel services like;

Check vps_account Pimp My Latency – Defeat your World of Warcraft latency now! page for information about getting the service

Virus Scan Results: [[All Clean]]

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