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This is a great program written by Luciferc, all credits go to him, this was simply forwarded to me.

[Luciferc’s HackPack]

2 Main Functions–

Tracking Track Unlimited Types of things on your Radar Ex: (Herbs + Mine’s + People) or just select “Track All”
Teleporting On the Z-Axis

How do i get help?
See Help Info in the Program or Post Below.

I Get Disconnected when Z-Teleporting
Make sure you read the Help on Z-Teleporting or else you will always get D/C’ed!

Can i get Banned?
Never heard of a Ban for a hack such as this most i’ve seen is a 74Hour Suspension.

[[[ Download ]]]

Virus total [SAFE]

:By useing this you may risk a 72 Hour Suspension (Remember common sense don’t tele in public)

Change Log::

V1.1 (Beta)
-Fixed Tracking Herbs/Mines
-Made it more Compact
-Face Lift
-More Efficient when doing Z-Teleports etc.
-Fixed Exception Error if No Wow is running
-Altered the Help Information a little bit
-Added a Help Section for Tracking
-Process Selection (Modify Multiple Wow’s @ a time! Or just one)
-Opacity Selection (Slightly See-Thru so you can go full screen)
-Various other tiny improvements

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